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How does it work?


Each participant will be issued iRewards Points based on client budget and earning rule structure. Employees, clients, or customers are directed to the iRewards Online platform. They will be instructed with login/password credentials to gain access to the iRewards/Gift Catalog. They will then be able to redeem the iRewards Points.


Upon login participants will be welcomed by name with a balance in their iRewards account. They will be able to browse the iRewards Catalog to select name-brand merchandise with many easy search options to locate items/brands of interest quickly. 


Participants will add rewards/gifts to their carts and check out with desired ship to address. Incenta Rewards will handle all order communications, fulfillment and customer service from login to delivery.

We do all the work and you get all the credit and happy engaged employees, clients, and consumers!

Let us get the conversation started...          We just need a bit of info from you!

Thanks! We'll be in contact as soon as possible!

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